On August 4 and 5, 2022, the Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects (I-LinCP) is presenting the Lone Star Sustainability Forum – Making Impact Through the Built Environment.

One of the most exciting aspects of this conference will be the bringing together of multiple organizations including project Owners, for-profits and nonprofits, K-12’s and higher education, cities and counties and other governmental agencies, as well as architects, engineers, solution providers/vendors, and contractors to collaboratively present and discuss issues and ideas related to sustainability and resiliency, with a Texas focus.

This event will be a catalyst for public and private project Owners and stakeholders to holistically gather information and momentum as we bring the resources and vision needed to achieve the goal of zero carbon emissions from the built environment, and address water, green space and the natural environment, transportation, equity, and funding, among other topics.

CLICK HERE for more details, including how you can participate in and sponsor this event!

CONTACT: Carla Bingaman

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